Coronavirus: the Chinese medical-philosophical view

by Liliana Atz Coronavirus (COVID-19) is responsible for the epidemic that is stranding Italy and much of the world and changing the lives of many people in this early part of the 2020s. It manifests with fever, respiratory and pulmonary problems. Its virulence has already led to the death of many people. Experts are trying […]

The Yin/Yang Dance of Life

by Liliana Atz The Tao or Dao, the “Way, the Path” is one of the most universally known symbols. For Taoists, the Tao is symbolic of the Universe itself, that vital stream that gave rise to everything and flows ceaselessly, always changing, yet always remaining the same. The Dao symbolizes the cyclical concept of existence; […]

Tai Chi Chuan: “Movement of emotions.”

Symbolism is the most suitable and usable way for humans to pass on teachings and thoughts, the most natural way. This is easily understood when one considers that language itself, after all, is symbolism. Any human expression is a symbol of thought that is outwardly translated; the only difference remains in the fact that language […]

Steve Jobs: the Taijitu of a Genius by Liliana Atz

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the system of medical and philosophical knowledge formed within ancient Chinese culture, health and mental/physical well-being are the natural consequence of the harmonious circulation of chi within the network of meridians (energy channels of the body within which energy flows), while its imbalances promote the onset of disease. We come […]

Tai chi and Enneagram: body, mind, spirit by Liliana Atz

The true gentleman is similar to an archer: if he misses the Target, he looks for the cause the self. (Confucius) In the field of neuroscience, the connection between the physical body, emotions, (we record in the muscles of the body our emotional memory), the brain, and the resulting behavior of human beings is now […]

The benefits of Tai Chi by Liliana Atz

Calm movements, harmonized with the breath, soft, fluid, now all of a sudden energetic and then soft again. For many centuries Tai Chi Chuan remained secret and taught exclusively within a few families, to a few privileged pupils, but in the late nineteenth century and the early part of the twentieth century it became widespread […]

Shiatsu: between body and mind by Liliana Atz

If you do not expect the unexpected, you will never know the truth. (Heraclitus) Shiatsu, a Japanese manual technique, based on pressures brought to the energy meridians and/or acupuncture points with the thumbs, palms, elbows, and, in some styles with the knuckles, knees, and feet, belongs to the tradition of Eastern medico-philosophical disciplines. Although it […]

Astro – Enneatypes: zodiac and enneagram by Liliana Atz

Western astrology has its roots in ancient Egyptian and Chaldean astrology (8th century B.C.) and, until many centuries after the birth of Christ, was not substantially distinct from astronomy It was the priestly class in Mesopotamia that observed the celestial vault and recorded every astronomical event on time. For a long time astrology and astronomy […]

Astrology and Enneagram by Liliana Atz

WHAT IS A SYMBOL? In ancient Greece the Symbol (Symbolon), represented the sign of recognition and control obtained by breaking an object in two, thus the possessor of one of the two parts was able to be recognized by the other by showing how they matched. This ancient tradition expanded over time to include the […]