Coronavirus: the Chinese medical-philosophical view

by Liliana Atz

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is responsible for the epidemic that is stranding Italy and much of the world and changing the lives of many people in this early part of the 2020s.

It manifests with fever, respiratory and pulmonary problems.

Its virulence has already led to the death of many people.

Experts are trying to find the source of this new “plague,” but to date, despite much speculation, there is no certainty.

The ancient Chinese medical-philosophical view associates the organ Lung and the viscera Large Intestine with the element Metal.

The Chinese ideogram for Metal means “Gold,” a metal, thus of great value, stainlessness and durability.

For Chinese alchemy, the precious metals extracted from the Earth are pieces of fallen stars, and the Metallo movement is a clear allusion to the symbolism of celestial energy, which is condensed in this way on the Earth, thus establishing a connection between human energy and that of the universe.

“Connection with the universe,” in a globalized society as dedicated to exploitation of the environment and people as ours, is a truly great word.

Modern-day man has lost touch with nature, the Earth and his own Self. The plethora of mental and physical illnesses that, despite material well-being, grip the lives of many individuals are a constant testimony to this.

Not even China is immune from this plague. The quest for material well-being has led the people of the Yellow River to intensive land exploitation and a forgetting of ancient beliefs that closely linked humans to the environment. And right from there the contagion began….

Metal-says ancient Chinese Medicine-is a change of state, a mode of relating to the outside world, the ability to accept what is outside oneself and to communicate with the other, while remaining oneself.

It symbolizes, in fact, self-respect and the relationship between one’s inner world with the outer world, with the other from Self.

But in a globalized world where social malaise, aggression, an epidemic lack of values, drowned in the use of alcohol, drugs and compulsive shopping, and where fear for the future, characterizes the lives of many people, it is certainly not the majority who manage not to be carried along by the long wave of the “all out.”

But without the “world within,” there is no balance, and the heavy use of tranquilizers and sleeping pills confirms this.

Metal, for Traditional Chinese Medicine, is associated with the nose, skin and hair, and the emotion of sadness, a powerful emotion, but one that is little accepted by consumer society.

Sadness, the acceptance of not being at the top all the time, actually constitutes the organism’s ability to return to itself to renew itself. Through the olfactory bulbs, the Lung connects to the limbic system of the brain, the place where emotional and instinctive responses, with their potential for change, are generated.

But a running society does not stop easily, and then comes a virus, something tiny, invisible, that heavily erodes the Lungs and stops the world.

For those who want to understand….

Taken from: EnneaMediCina: the Five Ways of the Soul

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