Holistic wellness

“People are like stained glass windows: they shine and sparkle when the sun is out,
But as darkness falls, their true beauty is revealed only if a light is turned on from within.”
Fernando Pessoa

Can the mind affect the body?

To what extent?

How important are emotions in our well-being?

It is now scientifically proven that our emotional states and psychophysical well-being are interdependent and influence each other.
Neuroscientific studies are proving that emotions have a significant impact on the brain and body and show that a positive rather than a negative mental attitude can influence our well-being.
But how can we act on our emotional states?
How and to what extent?
Over the years, ancient Oriental traditions have developed methods and techniques of well-being based on various protocols, including so-called medical gymnastics (Tai Chi and Chi Kung), breathing, meditation, dietetics…
In recent years, Western science has taken an interest in this knowledge.
Neuroscientific studies have thus confirmed that during meditation, for example, areas of the brain directly connected to the immune system, the nervous system and the endocrine glands are activated.
It is always advisable to work on one’s emotions with the help of a professional if the case calls for it, but there are also self-help techniques for dealing with one’s problems and
– create beliefs and feelings that support one’s self-improvement;
– train the mind to formulate positive thoughts by improving one’s attitude towards life experiences;
– accepting responsibility for one’s experiences;
– overcoming negative conditioning from the past;
– acting on fear, guilt, lack of approval, feelings of failure and resentment;
– discover the power of changing beliefs about oneself through the study and practice of EnneaMediCina.

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