The Yin/Yang Dance of Life

by Liliana Atz

The Tao or Dao, the “Way, the Path” is one of the most universally known symbols. For Taoists, the Tao is symbolic of the Universe itself, that vital stream that gave rise to everything and flows ceaselessly, always changing, yet always remaining the same.

The Dao symbolizes the cyclical concept of existence; everything in the universe manifests itself in a spiral movement that, having reached maximum expansion, recoils to manifest itself at the opposite pole, in a perpetual movement of expansion and contraction.

Associated with the Dao is the conception of Yin and Yang, the complementary opposites that maintain the natural order of the Dao: Yin is the feminine principle, cozy, passive and dark, and Yang the masculine principle, active, bright and moving.

Wuji is the name used in Taoist cosmology to refer to energy in its pure state, that state before manifestation, where space and time do not exist, where anything is still possible.

When this not-yet manifested energy begins to move, the first polarization appears. One enters the world of duality, Tai Chi, represented by the Tao with its two poles: Yin and Yang.

These are the principles behind Tai Chi Chuan, the ancient psychophysical, emotional and spiritual discipline that, through the precise movements of its forms represents the eternal movement of the Tao.

From the union of the formless (Wuji) represented by the hereditary energies of the male spermatozoon and the female ovum, the energy horizon of a new being comes into being, which, with its first breath enters the world of duality (Tai Chi ).

How will he move through life, how will he dance his Tao between Yin/Yang?

How much will the environment in which he develops influence him in his choices and perception of Self?

Will he be too Yin, passive, submissive, compliant, tend not to make up his mind to let events take him or will he instead, be too Yang, masculine, active, assertive, seemingly a leader for himself and others?

How much will he be in harmony with his “Heavenly Mandate“? How well will he be able to recognize and reconcile the drives of his Essence, with the drive of Personality?

Not recognizing or misplacing the “Heavenly Mandate in one’s kingdom” does not bring fullness in Life.

From emotional hardships to the important ones of some illness, the message of a “New Birth” is for everyone waiting to materialize.

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