Meditating is good for you, it’s scientific

After much skepticism, scientific research confirms: the use of Eastern meditation techniques can prevent and cure many diseases. Until the 1950s, meditation was the prerogative of monks. Then with the Beatles it became the practice of the flower children, followed in later years by soccer players and actors: ponder Roberto Baggio and Richard Gere. More […]

Meditation techniques

Meditation is a set of techniques that allows you to unite body and mind through concentration and breathing practices.The aim is to put the practitioner in communication with his own Self to help him recover well-being and psycho-physical-emotional integrity. Meditation has always been an aspect that characterizes sports practices related to traditional Chinese medicine, such […]

“Healing” with meditation

“The purpose of meditation is to help the practitioner to reach a deep understanding of reality, that vision that is able to free us from fear, anxiety and melancholy and can generate understanding and compassion in us, improve the quality of our life and give freedom, peace and joy to ourselves and those around us” […]

Meditation, scientific evidence of critical mass and its effects on reality

Many recent scientific experiments confirm more and more deeply the hypotheses according to which the human mind can have a decisive effect on the reality that surrounds him. The spread of disciplines such as yoga and meditation in the Western world, attracts and pushes more and more scientists, doctors, biologists and physicists to investigate by […]

Meditation against early stress in children

In the era of hyper-connected society and exasperated competitiveness, giving children back calm, play and the opportunity to enjoy peace and relaxation, seems more like an illusion than an opportunity. Yet, experts assure, children, even very young ones, have within them a huge potential for the practice of meditation and the natural gift of concentrating […]

Meditate in the hospital , is it possible

Imagine a hospital where everyone (doctors, nurses, patients, clerks, auxiliaries, trainees, managers, general managers, relatives of patients) practices forty-five minutes of meditation a day. No, it is not a dream nor are we talking about an unspecified future. In Massachusetts they do it regularly and … Since the seventies. “Awareness doesn’t grow simply because you’ve […]