Meditation, scientific evidence of critical mass and its effects on reality

Many recent scientific experiments confirm more and more deeply the hypotheses according to which the human mind can have a decisive effect on the reality that surrounds him. The spread of disciplines such as yoga and meditation in the Western world, attracts and pushes more and more scientists, doctors, biologists and physicists to investigate by technical means the truths transmitted by the most ancient sacred texts. The mind has the power to transform reality. An ancient knowledge, a knowledge perhaps hidden and hidden, rediscovered by the studies of quantum mechanics at the beginning of the last century.

The way physicists look at reality has changed, changed completely. It can be said that, with the advent of quantum mechanics, a Copernican revolution has taken place within Western philosophical thought. In other ways, in other ways we are reconnecting with the teachings of the ancient rishis.

However, science needs proofs, concreteness, experimental verifications, which has led us as if by magic, to already have numerous experimental confirmations in the field of consciousness and its effects on “reality”.

In 1970 Herbert Benson and Robert Wallace, doctors at Harvard University, began their studies on the consequences and effects of meditation on the brain. They focused their studies on TM (Transcendental Meditation, taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) obtaining concrete measures of the decrease of anxiety and stress in people who regularly practiced TM.

An even more interesting discovery was shown by the electroencephalograms (ECGs) of the meditators.

During meditation, the brain waves became coherent, the thought of all practitioners aligned and coordinated entering the phase, as if they were all connected, as if they were one thought!

In the same years, a confidential study was initiated by the FBI which highlighted the following findings. In cities where 1% of the population practiced TM the crime rate decreased, completely contrary to the general trend in other cities. This kind of studies have been repeated in the following years in different communities in order to have a wider number of surveys on which to carry out statistical studies. Well, all the data collected have only confirmed the effect, called and known since then as the Maharishi effect and which is one of the most confirmed and verified sociological effects. The studies were subsequently repeated on the TM-Siddhi technique, which causes the same results with a smaller number of practitioners, equal to the square root of the population under examination.

In the early eighties, studies on the Maharishi effect were redesigned on a larger scale, involving as many as 7000 TM-siddhi practitioners in the experiment and equal to the square root of 1% of the world’s population. The experiment generated the same results (reduction of violent episodes, attenuation of conflict in war zones, reduction of the number of deaths in conflicts, simultaneous rise of stock markets), but this time on a global scale.

“The depth of the lake, the waves and the reflection of the glacier, remind me of the inner life. The mind is as deep as the lake, the waves on the surface represent the activities of the conscious mind, on the surface of the mind, while the entire depth of the lake is silent, and that is the unconscious mind that is not used by the wave. But if the wave could penetrate deeper and incorporate quieter levels of water, the wave could become as powerful as that of the ocean. This is what happens in meditation. The superficial activity of the conscious mind goes deep and incorporates the depth of the unconscious mind. With practice nothing remains unconscious, the unconscious becomes conscious and man begins to use the full potential of the mind. […]

When with the practice of meditation the mind goes directly within, to the source of thought, transcends thought and attains bliss consciousness and is able to maintain it even when it goes out and experiences the world of objective nature […]

The example of the lake brings us a great teaching of spiritual life. Life is bliss, it is pure existence, just as the flower is nothing but sap. The different levels of manifestation of pure existence, pure being, absolute consciousness, pure intelligence, this is life!! ….

Each of us can make a difference.

Source: rosaliastellacci 2011

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