Meditation techniques

Meditation is a set of techniques that allows you to unite body and mind through concentration and breathing practices.
The aim is to put the practitioner in communication with his own Self to help him recover well-being and psycho-physical-emotional integrity.

Meditation has always been an aspect that characterizes sports practices related to traditional Chinese medicine, such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
The non-identification that meditative practices help to build over time facilitates, in fact, the process of analyzing one’s own reality in a more lucid way, less misled by disturbing emotionality.

Meditation has beneficial effects on mind and body confirms science.

The cover of the November issue of the most prestigious popular science magazine, Scientific American, dedicated to the subject, represents yet another important step in the process of rapprochement between a millenary discipline such as meditation and part of the contemporary scientific community.

Fifteen years of research with people who practice various forms of meditation have shown not only that this activity modifies brain function and structure, but is beginning to show that contemplative practices can also have a substantial effect on biological processes critical to physical health.

Studies show that meditation also increases our ability to “control” basic physiological responses, such as inflammation and blood stress hormone levels. Data that provide a first but powerful explanation to the beneficial effects produced by meditation on the general state of health of individuals.

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