Qi Gong: medical gymnastics in China

Lucio Sotte, doctor and expert in traditional Chinese medicine, introduces the definition of Qi gong, a type of gymnastics used by traditional Chinese medicine to harmonize and strengthen Qi, a concept that means both “energy” and “matter”. The voiceovers then recite some passages of traditional Chinese medicine texts.In the interview, Dr. Hu Li Huan, Western doctor and traditional Chinese doctor together, emphasizes how the propensity to relaxation and the ability of the practitioner to produce mental emptiness are fundamental in the execution of Qi Gong; Her words are illustrated by images of exercises performed by the interviewee herself, a teacher of medical gymnastics. His words alternate with those of Lucio Sotte who emphasizes the use of breath in Qi gong and explains how this element allows the Western doctor to understand the functioning and effectiveness of this gymnastics. The sinologist Giulia Boschi, in the interview, connects the technique of Qi gong to the ancient Taoist tradition.

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