How are the organs of the human body connected to the psyche?

“It now seems clear even to Western science how the unity of body and mind are fundamental to the processes of treating and healing illnesses, and how the harmonisation of the Five Emotions and Seven Feelings in Chinese Medicine are closely intertwined with what is referred to in epigenetics as the healing of psychological wounds related to limiting patterns and beliefs.

“According to PNEI, emotions are biochemical facts that translate into cascades of molecular messages, which reach the body, including the immune system, establishing a continuous dialogue between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, determining health or disease.

“This has been affirmed for millennia by ancient Chinese Medicine, according to which health is the result of balanced nutrition, breathing, defence against both external and internal pathogens, and the harmonious flow of the so-called Five Emotions and Seven Feelings.

“Should an imbalance occur, it will be the organ and viscera connected to the element, to the predominant structure characterising the different enneasymbolic types, that will be the first to signal disharmony and fall ill. In time, if the problem is not resolved, the entire psycho-physical structure will be affected.”

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