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Liliana Atz
creator and author of
, psychologist, expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and trainer of Tai Chi Chi Kung and Shiatsu, has been teaching for many years. An advocate of the commonalities between Eastern philosophical-therapeutic disciplines and Western scientific culture, Dr. through EnneaMediCina, she makes her knowledge available to help people pursue personal growth by working on both the body and mind.

We were fascinated by his guidebook “EnneaMediCina-The Five Ways of the Soul” a journey into the holistic global view of the person, a phenomenon that probes deeply into life and the soul, between Western and Eastern cultures, in search of our physical-psychic-spiritual well-being. We asked many questions to the author who without any hesitation explained every interesting detail clearly and directly.

Is there really a possibility that Oriental medicine can bring great innovation?

Eastern culture has already brought about great change over time. We are experiencing a momentous shift in scientific thinking from a symptom-oriented view to a perspective oriented toward the holistic, comprehensive view of the person.

So is it true that Western and Eastern medicine can really join forces to deal with people’s general malaise?

Our Western cultural model has led us to compare, to seek the infinitely small, to separate, divide, sectorize. Our minds are forged according to the schema of right/wrong, good/evil, health/disease.

The Eastern cultural model, on the other hand, has a different, more holistic, global view of reality, and health is not at odds with disease.

Simply put, what is it all about?

These are just different aspects of the same phenomenon, since history has only divided the tasks: the West has been assigned that of research, experimentation, the risk of going beyond, of knowing and mastering matter, of exalting man’s power over nature (microcosm, the infinitely small).

To the East, the task of preserving dominion over energy, of maintaining spirituality and inner quest, repudiating the exaltation of the ego, of the harmony of man in contact with nature and in respect for creation (macrocosm-the whole). Only by bringing these aspects together can the human being of our time cope with his or her general malaise.

It’s really amazing, you are a teacher, psychologist, and have been involved in different disciplines, how did you come to EnneaMediCina?

EnneaMediCina is the result of a long journey of study, of a great curiosity of mine, conveyed by an existential malaise that sought answers and that guided me along a path that, now, finds increasing confirmation in scientific studies and cutting-edge theories of psyche-soma functioning.

The Enneagram is a symbol of representation of the whole of reality, a dynamic model that synthesizes the Universe at both the macrocosmic and microcosmic levels, grouping the different human types into three centers and nine personality types.

Tell us about Chinese Medicine, which as far as I could tell from your book, plays an important role in all of this, doesn’t it?

Chinese Medicine, finds its foundation in the ancient Chinese medical-philosophical culture, for which man is the result of the mixing of the energy of the parents at the time of conception of the new being, but not only that, as the energo-astral movements are also included, as well as the situation in which the union took place: whether in time of peace rather than war, between people in love, rather than as a result of an act of violence, etc….

For a long time Western medicine has studied human beings by making refined dissections of systems, organs, and tissues, thus managing to obtain an extraordinary amount of mechanistic information, but losing sight of the whole person.

The five phases (Wu Xing) of Chinese philosophy, which follow each other in the cycle of generation indicated by the arrows, connoted by yin and yang moments: wood, fire, earth, metal, water, corresponding to the organs liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys, and their related emotions (Source: Wikipedia)

Where can EnneaMediCina take us?

EnneaMediCina is guiding a journey of awareness in that human beings are integrated and not fragmented, are active participants in their own overall health and not helpless victims of the vagaries of chance or inescapable genetic inheritance.

In addition to your own, are there any specific testimonies that can give prominence to these studies?

Chinese MediChina is an ancient discipline that has recently been recognized by the World Health Organization.

Enneagram psychology has been adopted in many areas of research, by various religious orders, as well as by modern Transpersonal Humanistic Psychology.

The study of the Enneagram is very active in Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States, where it has also been included as a subject of study in several universities.

Some interesting reviews of the book are available on the official website.

The book addresses level 1 but is divided into 5 important aspects, what is the main point of your book?

In Chinese Medicine, which is a vibrational medicine, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood express the five vibratory characteristics of Qi (energy), which appear in the Universe and in man and which, combining with each other, according to the principles of Yin/Yang, give rise to a plurality of psycho-physical-emotional responses, now scientifically explained by Western science.

The Enneagram, defines nine personality types from nine traps, passions or sins that block the infinite possibilities contained in power in the DNA of our cells.

Behind the interpretation of reality deformed from childhood by the subjective aspect behind which everyone learns to mask his or her individuality, in fact, lies the separation from the Self, but also from neighbor and the divine.

Sins are, then, character exacerbations, preventing energy from flowing freely.

Quantum physics and neuroscience agree in stating how our level of consciousness causes the nervous system to move, creating one among an infinite number of possible realities, both on an individual and collective level.

We can then “turn our genes on or off” by putting ourselves in motion, experiencing life or blocking its flow in fear and the known that gives certainty, even if we are hurting.

EnneaMedicine, the five ways of the soul
Author: Liliana Atz
Published by StreetLib Write – 2017
Pages: 229 – Genre: Medicine, Psychology/Personal Growth, Coaching
Available Format: Paperback, eBook
ISBN: 9788822898111

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On the one hand, the ground on which it seeks to lay seeds is Western culture with its own way of reading reality, which is compared with the holistic approach of the East. On the other, and on a parallel thread, the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine is proposed in dialogue with the enneagrammatic view in reading the human project and the conditions for its “well-well-being” or the reasons for its “ill-being.” At the heart of the treatment is the health project, read through the lens of TCM and the enneagrammatic perspective, in a comprehensive view of the person.

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It is really interesting to talk with her, behind this book we realize a great universe that is hidden inside us, I wonder, does the study of Enneamedicine need the support of an expert?

The book can be read by anyone who is looking for answers. It should be read and pondered. It is a transformative book and every change, every “re-birth” takes time.

How important is it to rediscover one’s “life force”?

As I said, the Enneagram, defines nine personality types from nine traps, passions or sins that limit/block the flow of our life energy. Enneatypes are numerological archetypes, typical and recognizable patterns of human behavior.

Since Archetypes are located in deep areas of the collective unconscious, they influence man’s behavior by depleting his energy without his awareness.

For Traditional Chinese Medicine, the disease state comes from the disruption of the energy balance (Chi or Qi) flowing within the body’s energy meridians, which are preferential flow lines of vital Qi energy.

What is really interesting is that these ancient principles are now increasingly finding their way into quantum physics, as well as neuroscience discoveries. Life energy therefore is the basis of our physical-psychic-spiritual well-being.

Is it therefore not essential to keep it high?

Certainly it is very important, in this regard talking about psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual issues, is it possible to heal the body and the spirit?

It now seems clear even to Western science how the unity of body and mind are basic to the processes of treating and healing diseases, and how the harmonization of the “Five Emotions and the Seven Feelings” of Chinese Medicine are closely interconnected with what in epigenetics is called the “healing psychological wounds related to limiting patterns and beliefs.

According to Western science, emotions are biochemical facts that result in cascades of molecular messages, which reach the body, including the immune system, establishing a continuous dialogue between the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, determining health or disease.

All this has been affirmed for millennia by ancient Chinese Medicine, according to which physical-psychic-spiritual health is the result of balanced nutrition, breathing, defense against both external and internal pathogens, and the harmonious flow of emotions and feelings.

The release of feel-good hormones, rather than stress and malaise hormones, is related to the personal outlook on life; it is the quality of thinking and confidence in one’s personal potential that helps human beings stay healthy.

And EnneaMediCina was created to help understand and overcome the mechanisms that regulate and limit human life.

Thank you for your time and all the helpful answers, this interview certainly answered many of the questions I had while reading your beautiful publication, through this guide we have passed level one, what will level two be about?

All that remains is to wait and prepare through the study of Level 1…See you soon!

Thank you, to the next level!

I want to thank Dr. Liliana Atz for answering all these questions, after my reading my head was really full of curiosity about EnneaMediCina, I am sure I subjected the author to my hungry desire to know and know about such an amazing topic.

His is not just a guidebook, it is much more than that, he explains how to face many human limitations to embrace physical and spiritual well-being, all of this work has a long history behind it that needs to be shared with as many people as possible, dissemination is very important.

Fabrizio Raccis

Some notes on Liliana Atz

Is the creator of EnneaMediCina. Psychologist, teacher in helping relationships, , Tai Chi Chi Kung instructor-she is listed in the DBN registry of the Lombardy Region-and Shiatsu is an expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been involved in teaching for years.She is a Mindfullness teacher trained under the Mindfulness Association program.

Lecturer in
Liliana is the author of the book “EnneaMediCina,” as well as articles and industry publications.

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