ENNEAMEDICINA: ON THE TRAIL OF THE SELF. Body/mind messages part two

If the hours of the Lung are called the ‘hours of mourning’, in a symbolic sense the nocturnal awakenings unrelated to actual mourning remind us of the grief for our lost parts (Liliana Atz)

by Liliana Atz

(Part one) Continuing with the analysis of the viscera associated with the Lung, the Large Intestine, whose energy in EnneaMediCina is in motion between the three Centres (instinctive, emotional and mental), irrigating the nine points on the circle with its memories, recent studies have shown how the abdomen has its own autonomy and how 90% of the information departs from the brain in the belly and heads upwards. In fact, the tissues of the central nervous system and the organs of the gastric sphere have the same embryological origin, and what then connects them, via the autonomic nervous system (in the case under consideration Bladder, E.7), is above all the vagus nerve.

In TCM, the psychological aspects combined with the Metal energy lodge tell of an internal attitude more or less disposed to exchange. Those who are too attached to mental, emotional or material aspects find it hard to accept exchanges and renewals and end up creating an internal situation of Qi (breath/energy) stasis and immobility with hyperactivation of the sympathetic SNS and blockage of the parasympathetic.

The Large Intestine collaborates with the Lungs and governs the function of processing and discarding substances not assimilated by the body, whether in material or emotional form.

The child’s attachment patterns, its experiences of feelings and emotions are recorded in the abdominal brain and from there move constantly through life on the circle of the enneagram activating responses to stimuli in a variable manner between several enneasymbols, making it difficult to recognise oneself in a single character type.

The dialogue between the enteric and the head brain produces significant effects on both health and mood.

If, for example, our temperamental traits in combination with the environment in which we grew up have led us to develop the mask of an E.4 – Lung, which in its hours of peak activity (3-5 a.m.) ‘brings to us the celestial message’ causing us anxious awakenings, is probably trying to awaken us to the needs of our essence, to the denied priorities of our most authentic nature reflected in the functioning of the entire body-mind locked in personality constellations.

To conclude this brief examination, the organ linked to the viscera Bladder E.7 is the Kidney which is connected to the emotion of Fear.. The instinct to attack and escape has ensured the survival of the human species and is still deeply engrained in its DNA. This emotion especially sets two organs in vibration: Kidney and Heart, which in EnneaMediCina are placed in the centre of the triad of the inner triangle of the centre of the mind and emotions respectively (6 and 3). If it manifests itself acutely the Kidney loses its ability to hold energy leading to imbalances in the entire system, which reverberate through this emotion on all points of the circle (continued…).

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The theory of attachment to a reference figure or caregiver was defined by psychologist and psychotherapist John Bowlby et other. Four types of attachment have been identified: secure, insecure avoidant, insecure ambivalent, disorganised.

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