Ennea&Arte: Pieter Paul Rubens – Type Nine

Edited by Liliana Atz “I am a simple man standing alone with his old paintbrushes, asking God to give him inspiration.” “My passion comes from Heaven, not from earthly reflections.” (Pieter Paul Rubens) Continuing with EnneaMediCina ‘s study of the lives of distinguished painters, we look at biographies of the life and psychology of Pieter […]

Ennea&ArTe: Michelangelo Buonarroti – Type One

Edited by Liliana Atz In light of EnneaMediCina we meet Michelangelo Buonarroti. “On March 6, 1475 ,Michelangelo Buonarroti, the tormented genius,was born in the small town of Caprese, Arezzo,to Ludovico Buonarroti Simoni and Francesca di Neri del Miniato del Sera . At the age of six, Michelangelo lost his mother. This family wound coupled with […]

Ennea&ArTe: Raphael – Type Seven

Edited by Liliana Atz Continuing our study of ennea-symbolic typologies in the light of EnneaMediCina, we encounter Raphael Sanzio. The son of Giovanni Santi, a painter in the service of the Montefeltro family, Raphael was born in Urbino in 1483. Handsome, sociable, affable, cultured and open to the stimuli of other masters, he personified the […]

Ennea&Arte: The Psychology of the Greats of Art

Edited by Liliana Atz By analysing the psychological typology of some great personalities from the world of art, a study of EnneaMediCina comes to life through the use of its matrices: the Enneagram and Chinese Medicine. It is assumed that each person, at birth, encounters difficulties to which he or she reacts by creating a […]

Ennea&ArTe: Caravaggio – Type Eight

Edited by Liliana Atz To understand an artist, to try to interpret his character, among the many possible realities, it is important to analyse what biographies tell about him. What, indeed, lies behind the genius of such a person? What shadows characterise the other side of his life, his psychology? How to hear the artist […]

How are the organs of the human body connected to the psyche?

“It now seems clear even to Western science how the unity of body and mind are fundamental to the processes of treating and healing illnesses, and how the harmonisation of the Five Emotions and Seven Feelings in Chinese Medicine are closely intertwined with what is referred to in epigenetics as the healing of psychological wounds […]

Martial arts inspired by the Tao – by Nadia Clementi

A Taoist saying states: In movement, find calm, in calm, find movement: we talk about this with Liliana Atz, president of the San Bao Association At the end of the article, at the request of Dr Liliana Atz, we also publish the English version of the interview. In traditional Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Tao’s fundamental […]

The biological/emotional psychology of enneatypes

The acquisition of self-awareness and control of one’s emotions, as we will see in this course, are the basis of holistic health of body, mind and spirit. To better understand EnneaMediCina, I therefore consider it essential to know the foundations on which it rests. We will therefore begin a path of approach in small steps, […]

The importance of the Enneagram in integrated medicine

Abstract: The Enneagram of Psychological Types is a system for identifying personalities. It is, however, a somewhat reductive definition as it also serves a balanced inner evolution. In Greek ennea means ‘nine’, while gramma means ‘sign’. The graphic symbol is that of a nine-pointed star where each one represents a personality. In fact, the Enneagram […]

The biological/emotional psychology of the enneatypes – 2

The instinctive/motor center. Each center is characterized by a basic emotion, which profoundly influences the way of being and relating of the different enneatypes. Acquiring awareness and learning control strategies is the basis of an effective integrated bio-medicine path. The types 8, 9 and 1, so-called “belly”, are characterized by the prevalence of the instinctive […]