Ennea&Arte: The Psychology of the Greats of Art

Edited by Liliana Atz

By analysing the psychological typology of some great personalities from the world of art, a study of EnneaMediCina comes to life through the use of its matrices: the Enneagram and Chinese Medicine.

It is assumed that each person, at birth, encounters difficulties to which he or she reacts by creating a strategy that he or she will tend to preserve for life.

The ancient psychology of the Enneagram has proven to be a practical and powerful system for identifying one’s personality matrix.

For example, if in childhood an individual suffers violent aggression from significant adults, especially at times when he or she shows weakness and fragility, he or she will tend to develop strategies to respond to these aggressions: he or she will tend to be strong, violent if necessary, never showing weakness and fragility. It will build an ‘armour of ‘strength’ with which it will defend itself against external aggression.

The Enneagram shows nine different aspects of response to environmental stimuli and he will prefer one of these modes, locking himself into an unconscious, repetitive loop.

Linking the above to ancient Chinese Medicine for which health is the result of balanced nutrition, breathing, defence against both external and internal pathogens, and the harmonious flow of the so-called Five Emotions and Seven Feelings, one can see how much a psychic problem is reflected in the body and vice versa.

There is no separation between psyche and soma as one manifests and is reflected in the other.

Should an imbalance manifest itself, it is the organ and viscera connected to the element, to the predominant structure/enneatype characterising the psychological type, that will be the first to signal disharmony and fall ill.

What better tool than observing one’s own emotions and reactions to be linked to one’s physical discomforts to understand one’s personality and how the latter is a block to the free flow of life and change?

N.B.: where the biographies of the subjects examined make it possible, a connection will be made to the EnneaMediCina system.


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