Ennea&ArTe: Caravaggio – Type Eight

Edited by Liliana Atz

To understand an artist, to try to interpret his character, among the many possible realities, it is important to analyse what biographies tell about him. What, indeed, lies behind the genius of such a person? What shadows characterise the other side of his life, his psychology? How to hear the artist from the ‘inside?

By studying the character in the light of EnneaMediCina, we get to know him better.

“Caravaggio, pseudonym of Michelangelo Merisi was born in Milan on 29 September 1571 (approx.).

Considered today one of the most celebrated representatives of thewestern art of all times is the founder of the modern naturalistic current, as opposed to Mannerism and the Classicismas a forerunner of sensitivity baroque The main component of his style is the realisation of perspective and three-dimensionality through the dramatic and theatrical use of the chiaroscuro technique.

The painter’s parents, Fermo Merisi and Lucia Aratori, were natives of Caravaggio.

They were married on 14 January 1571 with the protection and help of the Marquis of Caravaggio and Count of Galliate Francesco I Sforza, who also acted as their best man at their wedding’ (source: Wikipedia).

Reflection: there was a custom of having compromised women (by nobles) married off. Was this one of those cases?

So how was Caravaggio’s relationship with Fermo Merisi? How much did the relationship with family members mark your human side?

‘A particularly restless soul, he faced serious vicissitudes in his life until the crucial date of 28 May 1606 when, having committed murder during a brawl and been sentenced to death, he had to flee the city of Rome to escape capital punishment (source: Wikipedia)’.

According to the psychological vision of the Enneagram, behind the interpretation of reality deformed from childhood by the subjective aspect behind which everyone learns to mask their individuality lies the separation from the Self and the divine. The human being is inwardly out of balance as he does not possess a single ego, but many conflicting aspects that interchange from moment to moment, stretching between extreme poles: unredeemed (immature, unhealthy) and redeemed (mature, healthy).

From the analysis of his biography Caravaggio belonged to the enneatype Otto and the centre of instinct. This type referred to as the Leader is characterised by the passion of lust and the fixation of vindictiveness. The underlying emotion behind his actions is anger/rage.

This Enneatype tends to shy away from weakness, exalts its strength and knows no half-measures. Its reality is based on confrontation, control and force. He despises cowards and excessive indolence. Authoritarian and combative, he essentially wants power over others, thus taking revenge for the conflicts and injustices suffered in childhood.

Source: Wikipedia

Source: EnneaMediCina. The Five Ways of the Soul

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