West: the genesis of life – excerpt from the book in…..pills


Every man has his own story, but hidden from the visible world is a subtle world, a world of Creation.

How is life generated, what lies behind a flower, an animal, a Man?

Western science is told in EnneaMediCina.

But there is another view of the world, of life, that is not yet sufficiently considered in the West.

We will discover this world in the next video.

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THE BOOK: “………The programme contained in the fertilised egg differentiates into three interdependent sub-programmes that give rise to autonomous cell development lines: the endoderm on the inside, the mesoderm in the middle and the ectoderm on the outside.

It is the latter that, in the course of evolution, increases most in complexity, creating the nervous system, which can be broken down into interconnected and cooperating structures, called the central and peripheral nervous system

The function of the central nervous system is to complement and coordinate sensory perceptions originating from both outside and inside the body and to create motor responses that initiate or regulate the functions of specific structures such as muscles or glands.

The peripheral nervous system is divided into two main parts called the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system. The latter, in turn, is divided into three parts:

the sympathetic, parasympathetic and enteric nervous systems.

The enteric nervous system can be likened to a huge chemical factory, because it produces the neuromediators with which it communicates via the autonomic nervous system with the head brain.

The head, the ‘bank of emotions’, as well as the abdominal brain, collects and stores all reactions, data and stresses, including negative emotions, which make this axis hypersensitive throughout life ……”

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