Brain and movement

Prof. Carlo Ventura, full professor at the Department of Specialist, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine — DIMES, says: “There is no important biological phenomenon that is not caused by movement. … It emerged that there is no change in gene activity that does not occur without DNA movements, deformations and vibrations of the nucleus and of […]

Cure yourself with Yin and Yang, the WHO clears Chinese medicine

The World Health Organization “clears” terms such as Yin and Yang or vital energy. Traditional Chinese medicine will in fact be included in the next global medical compendium. An opening that follows that towards acupuncture and that has not failed to attract the attention of the journal Nature. The official recognition will be introduced in […]

The hereditary constitution is not entirely fixed and immutable

Everyone is born with a given constitution, which is determined by various factors.The general health conditions of the parents are important and their energy state – fullness or deficit – exerts a special influence at the moment of conception.The constitution of a being also depends on the state of psychophysical health of the mother during […]

Between nutraceuticals and Chinese dietetics 2

Nutrition and food supplements together with a correct lifestyle are the first therapeutic tools to prevent the triggering of pathological conditions (primary prevention), support the physiological balance (wellness), counteract aging processes (anti-ageing), intervene on pathological conditions (adjuvant treatment tool). On the basis of what has been illustrated so far, an approach, however basic, to Chinese […]

Between nutraceuticals and Chinese dietetics

The concept of health has constantly changed over time, to get to assume, today, a much broader meaning that closely associates a condition of absence of pathologies to a state of “global” well-being of the person.Today we are all more aware of how health does not consist in the simple absence of disease but depends […]

Health and lifestyles

We talked about health through the learning of correct “lifestyles”, at the Euregio conference held at the Hotel Terme in Merano on 25 c.m..More physical movement and proper nutrition were the common themes, suggested by the speakers, for the maintenance and / or recovery of health.In the context of the interventions, the Health Observatory of […]

The East through Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient discipline of research of health and harmony through the energy rebalancing of the body-mind. It is a medicine of the Puffs, the art of restoring the functional harmony of the exchanges between the different Puffs (energy, IQ). The object of this energetic medicine is the regulation of the constitutive […]

Medicine, psychology and quantum physics: a new approach to treatment

Medicine, Psychology and Quantum Physics: the crisis of certainties and the humanization of care”. This is the title of the Congress promoted by AIREMP, Italian Association of Research on Entanglement in Medicine and Psychology, held in Bologna on 19 and 20 November, which saw 370 participants including doctors, psychologists, biologists and physicists. The meeting highlighted […]

Medical gymnastics and Chinese dietetics by Liliana Atz

In Taoist philosophy the world is a continuous becoming, whose driving force derives from the dynamics of Yin / Yang, For the Chinese tradition the Yin includes what is on the “shady side of the hill”, while the Yang what is on its “sunny side”.In Chinese energy philosophy the body is always too Yang (Fire), […]

Dietetics and health. Introduction by Liliana Atz

The human body is a temple and as such it must be cared for and respected.All the time (Hippocrates) With the introduction given by this article, we approach a path of awareness of the importance of proper nutrition. An approach, although basic to Chinese dietetics, while not disdaining other approaches, seems essential to us, as […]