The hereditary constitution is not entirely fixed and immutable

Everyone is born with a given constitution, which is determined by various factors.
The general health conditions of the parents are important and their energy state – fullness or deficit – exerts a special influence at the moment of conception.
The constitution of a being also depends on the state of psychophysical health of the mother during pregnancy, a period in which the fetus receives nourishment only from maternal blood.
However, the constitution of a person is not always fixed and immutable, within certain limits it can be modified and improved.
A healthy and balanced lifestyle, together with Tai Chi Kung exercises of meditation and breathing, to develop individual Qi, can lead to an improvement in the constitution.
As we know, the Front Sky Jing, which is the basis of our strength and health, is not immutable and is constantly “replenished” by the Back Sky Jing (food, emotions and feelings, breathing, lifestyle)
Several practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine are intended to preserve Jing to allow for the longest and healthiest life possible.
Longevity can also be increased thanks to proper nutrition.
The more you eat regularly and correctly, the less easily you get sick.
The good quality of food nourishes body and mind helping us to spare the Jing of the Front Sky, that is, the energy endowment with which we come into the world.
We can therefore say that by learning to become responsible for our good being, through the “practices of long life”, we increase LIFE …

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