Growing interest in Chinese Medicine

ANSA) – ROME, JULY 13 – The interest of the Western scientific community and patients in traditional Chinese medicine is growing and after four years of rigorous scientific evaluations, the first herbal traditional Chinese medicine product, the Diao Xin Xue Kang capsules, used in China for cardiovascular disorders, has also been authorized in Europe. In Bologna, during the first ‘Dialogue on Human Health between TCM Culture and Western Medicine Culture (TCM Dialogue)’, promoted by the Foundation for World Wide Cooperation, directed by Romano Prodi, a constantly expanding picture emerged, mainly for two reasons: new approaches to the treatment of chronic diseases are tried and health costs are being sought, rapidly growing worldwide, due to the aging of the population.

The aim of the meeting is to build a permanent table that will meet every year in a different country, to build a new model of health and care that integrates the millennial wisdom of Chinese tradition with Western medical science. When we talk about traditional Chinese medicine we mean acupuncture, phytotherapy, moxibustion (technique of heating skin areas with plant products), massage methods, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Interest in these subjects is constantly increasing throughout Europe. In Italy, which proves to be lagging behind, 15.6% of the population turns to these methods, with preference for acupuncture and moxibustion. Nothing to do with the spread in other countries: in Germany 90% recognize Chinese disciplines as a medical treatment and 39% of the population has tried them at least once in one of the thirty health care institutions where they are recognized.

Great Britain introduced traditional Chinese medicine in 2005: today the number of patients exceeds one million, in the country there are three thousand clinics that practice it (only a thousand in London) and seven thousand are specialized doctors. France is the country that devotes more attention to these techniques, considering that almost 10% of the 120,000 French doctors use them. So far, 70 states in the world have signed 94 intergovernmental and 48 cooperation agreements relating to educational exchanges related to traditional Chinese medicine. In the last ten years, more than 10,000 foreign students from all over the world have graduated in traditional medicine in Chinese universities and more than a thousand have obtained specializations and doctorates. Today this discipline, which has millennial roots, also plays an important role in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases and tumors.

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