ENNEAMEDICINA: ON THE TRAIL OF THE SELF. Body/mind messages part two

If the hours of the Lung are called the ‘hours of mourning’, in a symbolic sense the nocturnal awakenings unrelated to actual mourning remind us of the grief for our lost parts (Liliana Atz) by Liliana Atz (Part one) Continuing with the analysis of the viscera associated with the Lung, the Large Intestine, whose energy […]

ENNEAMEDICINA: ON THE TRAIL OF THE SELF. The messages of the body/mind part one

by Liliana Atz For Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), every living being is in continuous transformation and is subject to alternating phases of stopping and moving. According to this view, Man is influenced by a 24-hour energy cycle, which repeats itself every day and each organ/organ responds to this rhythm with periods of activity and rest […]

The Triple Heater in EnneaMediCina.

Edited by Liliana Atz Each person has his own psycho-physical structure, his own specificity which, in the light ofEnneagram psychology and the laws of Chinese Medicine is the result from the harmonious flow of emotions and feelings. In Chinese Medicine: “The impetuousness of Wood tends to become anger. Anger raises the IQ and affects the […]

Interview with Liliana Atz: EnneaMediCina in search of pure well-being

Friends of Read in Color we interviewed Liliana Atz creator and author of EnneaMediCina, psychologist, expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and trainer of Tai Chi Chi Kung and Shiatsu, has been teaching for many years. An advocate of the commonalities between Eastern philosophical-therapeutic disciplines and Western scientific culture, Dr. through EnneaMediCina, she makes her knowledge […]

West: the genesis of life – excerpt from the book in…..pills

THE WEST: THE GENESIS OF LIFE Every man has his own story, but hidden from the visible world is a subtle world, a world of Creation. How is life generated, what lies behind a flower, an animal, a Man? Western science is told in EnneaMediCina. But there is another view of the world, of life, […]

Excerpt from the book in…. Pills – Part 1: Preface

This video will begin a series of introductory readings to the personal and spiritual growth proposed in EnneaMediCina. The Five Ways of the Soul. The series, edited by Liliana Atz, aims to introduce the understanding of the text in its many facets. The complex period we are living in requires innovative “tools” that lead to […]

EnneaMediCina: ready to get started?

https://youtu.be/IoNS-Jn7vpI If you never ask yourself who you are and why you respond ‘ALWAYS EQUALLY’ to the stimuli of LIFE. If you slip into the CONFORMISM of the known and the ‘THIS IS HOW EVERYONE DOES IT’, this book is NOT for you! If you are looking for the MEANING of who you are, of […]

EnneaMediCina at Live Social by Radio Dolomiti

“EnneaMediCina: the Five Ways of the Soul” also becomes the name of the training course in a new and eclectic discipline of integrated wellness, the result of the union of ancient and new “Sciences for Man.” The EnneaMediCina project offers a training course mainly characterized by knowledge and methods, traceable to the union of Chinese […]

EnneaMediCina: The Western View of P.N.E.I – Part II

The Western view. Every individual is the result of subtle, nervous, endocrine, hormonal work, as psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology also confirms. The endocrine system or hormonal system consists of a collection of glands and cells, which secrete substances called hormones. The endocrine system administers the functioning of the human organism in competition with the nervous system. The functioning […]